Duck Dynasty and Divine Creation

PhilDuck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s incendiary remarks about LBGT and African Americans in GQ are completely consistent with the views of white fundamentalist Christians in America.

The essence of the matter is this: Christianity is based upon the model of Divine Creation.

Once a person accepts the idea of a “Creator God” they are beholden to embrace the morals of their Creator. This is exactly what Phil Robertson and all other Christians are doing.

The Christian “Creator God” religion has seven basic tenets:

1. The Creator God of the Bible created the universe and humanity.

2. Humans rejected God.

3. God has spoken to humanity through the Bible.

4. The Bible is the infallible Word of God.

5. Those who accept God’s message of salvation in the Bible are Christians

6. Christians are God’s Chosen People.

7. The views of God’s Chosen people on morality, and everything else, are inherently superior and moral because these views derive from God’s Word and are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

What this self-serving theological tautology reveals, and what Robertson’s comments demonstrate, is that the notion of “God’s Chosen People” is nothing more than a religious code word for Master Race.

Phil Robertson was expressing the fundamentalist Christian Master Race ideology.

No one should be surprised by Robertson’s remarks. Likewise, no one should be surprised by his the ardent support shown Robertson by other members of the fundamentalist Christian Master Race.

The fundamentalists must stand up and fight to maintain their tautological system of Theological Apartheid. The rest of us, after all, are sinners in need of the salvation offered by by God via the fundamentalist monopoly on salvation.

There are many easy-to-locate videos on YouTube of Phil Robertson preaching in churches where he condemns LGBT people, rails against immorality, and states that his idea of happiness is killing things. Phil Robertson is a Christian in America and he has the freedom to do and say anything he wants.

Justice and Divine Vengeance pursuing Crime, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1808

Justice and Divine Vengeance pursuing Crime, Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, 1808

An uproar ensued only because Phil Robertson is a celebrity who very publicly expressed the abhorrent nature of fundamentalist Christianity.

In doing so, Robertson reignited the long-running Culture War in America that began with the Scopes Trial and has never ended.


The premise of my book What Caused the Big Bang? is that there was no Divine Creation as described in the Bible.

Divine Creation is the keystone of Christianity.

Take away the concept of Divine Creation and Christianity collapses and is seen for what it is: A 2,000 year old belief system that is being systematically dismantled over time by the forces of an expansive and highly diverse global culture that is not based upon monotheistic religion.

Big.Bang.PreviewWhat Caused the Big Bang? is exactly what it says it is: A book for people who are spiritual but not religious, who respect science but are not atheists.

My book offers an alternative to both Divine Creation and the atheistic model of an uncaused-spontaneous Big Bang.

My work is part of the larger effort to intellectually and spiritually dismantle the model of Divine Creation in favor of more powerful, expansive, and futuristic views of the human condition.

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NASA: The Theoretical Basis for Big Bang Cosmology

From NASA’s website on Cosmology:

 ”The Big Bang Model rests on two theoretical pillars:

 ”General Relativity: The first key idea dates to 1916 when Einstein developed his General Theory of Relativity which he proposed as a new theory of gravity. His theory generalizes Isaac Newton’s original theory of gravity, c. 1680, in that it is supposed to be valid for bodies in motion as well as bodies at rest. Newton’s gravity is only valid for bodies at rest or moving very slowly compared to the speed of light (usually not too restrictive an assumption!). A key concept of General Relativity is that gravity is no longer described by a gravitational ‘field’ but rather it is supposed to be a distortion of space and time itself. Physicist John Wheeler put it well when he said ‘Matter tells space how to curve, and space tells matter how to move.’ Originally, the theory was able to account for peculiarities in the orbit of Mercury and the bending of light by the Sun, both unexplained in Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity. In recent years, the theory has passed a series of rigorous tests.”

 ”The Cosmological Principle: After the introduction of General Relativity a number of scientists, including Einstein, tried to apply the new gravitational dynamics to the universe as a whole. At the time this required an assumption about how the matter in the universe was distributed. The simplest assumption to make is that if you viewed the contents of the universe with sufficiently poor vision, it would appear roughly the same everywhere and in every direction. That is, the matter in the universe is homogeneous and isotropic when averaged over very large scales. This is called the Cosmological Principle. This assumption is being tested continuously as we actually observe the distribution of galaxies on ever larger scales… In addition the cosmic microwave background radiation, the remnant heat from the Big Bang, has a temperature which is highly uniform over the entire sky. This fact strongly supports the notion that the gas which emitted this radiation long ago was very uniformly distributed.”

 ”These two ideas form the entire theoretical basis for Big Bang cosmology and lead to very specific predictions for observable properties of the universe. An overview of the Big Bang Model is presented in a set of companion pages.”


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The Multiverse Theory — History Channel Full Video

An excellent video on the Multiverse Theory linked from Sky Faction’s YT channel:


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Big Bang vs. No Big Bang vs. Disunification

Big Bang Cosmology is a scientific model of reality.

The astrophysicist Dr. Edward L. (Ned) Wright[1] of UCLA has a website in which he offers a “best fit” summary in support of the Big Bang theory of cosmology. We quote a section if Dr. Wright’s “best fit” summary here:

 “What is the currently most accepted model for the Universe?

 v  The current best fit model is a flat ΛCDM Big Bang model where the expansion of the Universe is accelerating, and the age of the Universe is 13.7 billion years.

 “What is the evidence for the Big Bang?

 v  The evidence for the Big Bang comes from many pieces of observational data that are consistent with the Big Bang. None of these prove the Big Bang, since scientific theories are not proven. Many of these facts are consistent with the Big Bang and some other cosmological models, but taken together these observations show that the Big Bang is the best current model for the Universe. These observations include:

 o   The darkness of the night sky – Olbers’ paradox.

 o   The Hubble Law – the linear distance vs redshift law. The data are now very good.

 o   Homogeneity – fair data showing that our location in the Universe is not special.

 o   Isotropy – very strong data showing that the sky looks the same in all directions to 1 part in 100,000.

 o   Time dilation in supernova light curves[2].”

There are scientists who dispute Big Bang Cosmology. The Alternative Cosmology Group (ACG) is a scientific group opposed to Big Bang cosmology. We read at the Alternative Cosmology Group[3] website:

 “The Alternative Cosmology Group (ACG) was initiated with the Open Letter on Cosmology written to the scientific community and published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004. The text of the letter is as follows:

 ”The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed — inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation…

 “But the big bang theory can’t survive without these fudge factors. Without the hypothetical inflation field, the big bang does not predict the smooth, isotropic cosmic background radiation that is observed, because there would be no way for parts of the universe that are now more than a few degrees away in the sky to come to the same temperature and thus emit the same amount of microwave radiation.

 ”Without some kind of dark matter, unlike any that we have observed on Earth despite 20 years of experiments, big-bang theory makes contradictory predictions for the density of matter in the universe…

 “…Yet the big bang is not the only framework available for understanding the history of the universe. Plasma cosmology and the steady-state model both hypothesize an evolving universe without beginning or end. These and other alternative approaches can also explain the basic phenomena of the cosmos, including the abundances of light elements, the generation of large-scale structure, the cosmic background radiation, and how the redshift of far-away galaxies increases with distance. They have even predicted new phenomena that were subsequently observed, something the big bang has failed to do.”[4].

The Alternative Cosmology Group maintains that Big Bang cosmology is a “best fit” that requires “hypothetical shims” to make it a best fit.

 The fields of cosmogony and cosmology are varied and of great interest for they ask a fundamental question: Where did the Universe and everything in it — including we humans — come from?

 In offering its alternative to Divine Creation and the Big Bang, my book What Caused the Big Bang? presents Disunification Cosmology as the alternative to a “Big Bang Only” cosmology.

Disunification is an alternative cosmology that, while incorporating a Big Bang type of event, does not see the Big Bang as the singular and unexplained “standalone” event that caused our Universe to appear.

[1] Dr. Edward L. (Ned) Wright’s UCLA homepage:

 [2] Retrieved from Dr. Wright’s webpage:


[4] Op. cit.

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A Faster Than Light Beginning of the Universe

A central premise in Jeffrey Augustine’s book What Caused the Big Bang? is that Infinity is a monolithic Unity. It is One. Augustine’s distinctive cosmology states that all universes are sub-infinite and are “sourced” by Infinity.

Once sourced, Infinity launches these sub-infinite universes into the Multiverse in a “high-energy faster than light transfer process” that Augustine calls “Disunification.”

Augustine says of this process, “Disunification is the mechanism whereby Infinity sources and then disunifies universes. Disunification is how Infinity populates the sub-infinite Multiverse. All of these sub-infinite universes can have different laws, thus allowing Infinity to realize every possible history and outcome as it evolves itself.”



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Big Bang – Press Release: October 11, 2013

What Caused the Big Bang? A Master Mason and Knight Templar Offers a Unique New Approach to Multiverse Cosmology

Jeffrey Augustine is a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. In answering the question “What caused the Big Bang?” his new book offers a radical new approach to Multiverse Cosmology and Consciousness.

Front Cover of Jeffrey Augustine's book "What Caused the Big Bang?"

Purchase What Caused the Big Bang on Amazon

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

What caused the Big Bang?

In his new book, Jeffrey Augustine boldly answers this question. In doing so, he offers powerful new insights into the nature of Consciousness and Multiverse Cosmology.

“In the pages of “What Caused the Big Bang?, I introduce a striking new cosmology that transcends the models of Divine Creation and a spontaneous Big Bang that had no cause.”

“My book is written for people who are spiritual but not religious, who respect science but are not atheists,” Augustine noted. “If you have no use for the creation story in the Bible and likewise find the claim that the Big Bang just ‘spontaneously happened’ to be unconvincing, then you may indeed like what my book has to offer.”

“I worked in the scientific arena, in high tech, for thirty years, so I respect science, but I reject the idea that to be ‘scientific’ means that one must also be an Atheist.”

“I worked professionally with light, literally with photons, colors, plasma, lasers, and optics for decades while simultaneously working in very intense spiritual disciplines such as Buddhism, Advaita Vendata, and Freemasonry. I never experienced a sense of contradiction. Rather, I saw and vividly experienced an underlying logic and inexorable process at work that I describe in my book.”

A central premise in Jeffrey Augustine’s work is that Infinity is a monolithic Unity. It is One. Augustine’s distinctive cosmology states that all universes are sub-infinite and are “sourced” by Infinity.

Once sourced, Infinity launches these sub-infinite universes into the Multiverse in a “high-energy faster than light transfer process” that Augustine calls “Disunification.”

Augustine says of this process, “Disunification is the mechanism whereby Infinity sources and then disunifies universes. Disunification is how Infinity populates the sub-infinite Multiverse. All of these sub-infinite universes can have different laws, thus allowing Infinity to realize every possible history and outcome as it evolves itself.”

“My book makes the case that Disunification explains E=MC², why energy and matter are convertible. Likewise, Disunification explains why Consciousness and Identity are convertible in our universe,” Augustine said. “I introduce Disunification Cosmology in my book and discuss it on my cosmology blog.

“When you understand that Consciousness and Identity are convertible, your spiritual understanding explodes. You no longer need any form of religion, belief, doctrine, or even a conventional identity,” Augustine stated. “My work can expand a person beyond their boundaries and into a new and higher level of Consciousness and spiritual understanding. This is why my subtitle of my book is ‘Consciousness and Enlightenment in the Internet Age and Beyond.’”

About the Author: Jeffrey Augustine is a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. He is also a noted critic of the Church of Scientology. A scientific lighting expert by profession, Augustine has worked on lasers, medical devices, UV-C water treatment, and even lighted the prototype of a space vehicle. The author lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen de la Carriere, an extraordinary woman who was once a very high ranking member of the Church of Scientology.

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Jim Holt: Why Does the World Exist?

Why Does the World Exist?: An Existential Detective Story by Jim Holt is a fascinating book well worth reading for those interested in cosmology, philosophy, physics, and the big question: Why does the world exist?

The Prologue to the book has now become a famous short argument put forth by Holt:

“Suppose there were nothing. Then there would be no laws; for laws, after all, are something. If there were no laws, then everything would be permitted. If everything were permitted, then nothing would be forbidden. So if there were nothing, nothing would be forbidden. Thus nothing is self-forbidding.”


Holt argues: If everything were permitted, then nothing would be forbidden.

Contrary to Holt, I argue the following in What Caused the Big Bang? :

1. Infinity is a Unity, it is One.

2. As such, Infinity contains everything within a monolithic non-expressible Unity.

3.  Our Universe “disunified” from Infinity. All universes in the Multiverse disunified from Infinity, for universes are sub-infinite forms whereby Infinity expresses itself.

4. In a faster-than-light event I call the Disunification, our Universe suddenly appeared as a sub-Infinite manifestation of Infinity.

5. Both something and nothing are “disunified expressions” of Infinity. As such, something and nothing part of the spectrum disunified from Infinity.

6. Likewise, expressions such as Consciousness and Oblivion are also part of the spectrum that disunified from Infinity.


7. Something and nothing disunified from Infinity and as apparent polarities in our Universe.

8. Something and nothing arise within Consciousness, which itself was disunified from Infinity.

9. Something and nothing are constituents of Disunification and are therefore inherent constructs that can be used to create models of reality.

10. Something and nothing are traceable to the Infinite Unity.

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“What Caused the Big Bang?” – Book Now Available on Amazon


What Caused the Big Bang: Consciousness and Enlightenment in the Internet Age and Beyond is now available at Amazon.

Click on the link above to preview the book.

I created the book with dozens of photos, drawings, and artwork in full color. Full color version is here.

The B&W version costs less and is here.

What Caused the Big Bang? is for people who are spiritual but not religious, who respect Science but are not atheists.

If you consider that the account of Divine Creation as told in the Bible is an unconvincing old story, then this book for you.

Likewise, if don’t accept that the Big Bang just “spontaneously” happened then you should read what this book has to say.

What this book offers a Third Option, a striking new description of the event that caused the Big Bang.

Once you discover what caused the Big Bang, surprising new answers to the classic questions fall into place:

1. Why our Universe came into existence

2. What caused the Big Bang

3. Why Consciousness is an intrinsic part of our Universe

4. Why there are so many different versions of God

5. Why there are so many different and competing religions

6. Why Good and Evil exist

7. Who you fundamentally are after all of your false identities are stripped away

8. What happens after you die

9. The Purpose of Life

10. How to find meaning in your own life

Your knowledge and understanding of Life and the Universe will expand as a result of reading this book.

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In What Caused the Big Bang? we of identify Disunification-Evolution as the motive power behind the Big Bang and the appearance of our Universe:

  •  The Engine of Disunification-Evolution disunified from Infinity all of the Primal Matter that became our Universe.
  • The Engine of Disunification-Evolution then unpackaged the Primal Matter over time into all of the forms, processes, and beings in our Universe.

To account for the appearance of our Universe, Disunification Cosmology posits:

  • The external inputs of Infinity
  • Decouples these inputs from human religion altogether, this due to the fact that human religion has nothing whatsoever with the appearance of our Universe
  • Articulates Disunification-Evolution as the engine that drives our Universe across all scales

Conversely, current materialistic thinking posits a complex, all-encompassing, naturalistic scenario that we call the “Big Bang-into-Stellar-and-Biological-Evolution” model.

We use the acronym Bbisbe (pronounced Biz-Bee) to abbreviate the name of this cosmological model.

The Bbisbe model describes an unaccountably caused and spontaneous Big Bang event that self-organized itself into an orderly and expanding Universe.

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins protest the notion of an “Infinite Regress” in which someone argues for a beginning of the Universe that had to have an earlier beginning ad infinitum.

In order to have a starting point that does not need to regress to an earlier beginning, the Bbisbe model dead ends its thinking at the Big Bang. The spontaneous and unaccountable beginning of our physical Universe is intellectually sufficient for Bbisbeists.

In terms of the jump from the Big Bang into self-organizing into biological life, Richard Dawkins imagines the life-initiating device here on Earth as a simple “self-bootstrapping crane.” By analogy, Dawkins is referring to the giant construction cranes that build themselves. You can Google “crane building itself” to see how this ingenious construction technique is accomplished.

Dawkins theorizes that the Universe built itself from the ground up, from simplicity to complexity with no external inputs. As an Atheist, he does not need or want any type of God in the picture — particularly when he can explain Evolution to himself and his readers in what he considers to be purely scientific terms. However, Dawkins — and indeed all Atheists — must of necessity engage in making ultimate philosophical and epistemological statements even as they protest, as does Stephen Hawing, that philosophy is dead.


In Dawkins view, this all just happened by itself.

This is the essence of Atheism: No source or traceability for our Universe. Therefore, there is no source or traceability for the human Soul. It is all just magically self-organizing dirt. And yet Atheists scoff at Religion for claiming that which is miraculous!

In What Caused the Big Bang? we trace everything and everyone in our sub-infinite Universe back to Infinity.

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Is the Multiverse Scientifically Testable?

At a 2009 conference at Oxford in honor of George Ellis’ 70th birthday,  scientists and philosophers gathered to discuss many topics. One key topic:

Is the Multiverse scientifically testable?

The excerpts below are from Discover Magazine’s article on the conference:

“9:00: Ellis gives the opening remarks. Cosmology is in a fantastic data-rich era, but it is also coming up against the limits of measurement. In the quest for ever deeper explanation, increasingly speculative proposals are being made, which are sometimes untestable even in principle. The multiverse is the most obvious example.

“Question: are these proposals science? Or do they attempt to change the definition of what ‘science’ is? Does the search for explanatory power trump testability?”

“The questions aren’t only relevant to the multiverse. We need to understand the dividing line between science and non-science to properly classify standard cosmology, inflation, natural selection, Intelligent Design, astrology, parapsychology. Which are science?”

“12:00: Raphael Bousso talks about the multiverse in string theory. Note that “multiverse” isn’t really an accurate description; we’re talking about connected regions of space with different low-energy excitations, not some metaphysical collection of completely distinct universes. The multiverse is not a theory — need some specific underlying dynamics (e.g. string theory) to make any predictions. It’s those theories that are tested, not ‘the multiverse.’ Predictions will be statistical, but that’s okay; everyone’s happy with statistical mechanics. ‘Even if you were pretty neurotic about it, you could only throw a die a finite number of times.” We do need to assume that we are in some sense typical observers.”

This 2009 conference was interesting for the ongoing issues in Cosmology it raised:

1. Is the Multiverse scientifically testable?

2. Must the Multiverse be, as Raphael Bousso stated, “Connected regions of space with different low-energy excitations” as opposed to “some metaphysical collection of completely distinct universes”?

3. Is the notion of “completely distinct universes” metaphysical? Why can there not be a collection of completely distinct universes?

In What Caused the Big Bang, we argue that Infinity disunfies endless distinct universes in the Multiverse.

However, the question does remain: How does one devise a test to prove the Multiverse? At present, the answer would be based in theoretical physics. In the introduction to The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow argue it this way:

 “In The Grand Design we explain why, according to quantum theory, the cosmos does not have just a single existence, or history, but rather that every possible history of the universe exists simultaneously.”

“We question the conventional concept of reality, posing instead a “model-dependent” theory of reality. We discuss how the laws of our particular universe are extraordinarily finely tuned so as to allow for our existence, and show why quantum theory predicts the multiverse–the idea that ours is just one of many universes that appeared spontaneously out of nothing, each with different laws of nature. [1]

In the book itself, Hawking and Mlodinow conclude that:

 “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist … On the scale of the entire universe, the positive energy of the matter can be balanced by the negative gravitational energy, and so there is no restriction on the creation of whole universes.[2]

[1] Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. The Grand Design. 2010. Bantam Dell Publishing Group, New York.

[2] Ibid.

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