In What Caused the Big Bang? we of identify Disunification-Evolution as the motive power behind the Big Bang and the appearance of our Universe:

  •  The Engine of Disunification-Evolution disunified from Infinity all of the Primal Matter that became our Universe.
  • The Engine of Disunification-Evolution then unpackaged the Primal Matter over time into all of the forms, processes, and beings in our Universe.

To account for the appearance of our Universe, Disunification Cosmology posits:

  • The external inputs of Infinity
  • Decouples these inputs from human religion altogether, this due to the fact that human religion has nothing whatsoever with the appearance of our Universe
  • Articulates Disunification-Evolution as the engine that drives our Universe across all scales

Conversely, current materialistic thinking posits a complex, all-encompassing, naturalistic scenario that we call the “Big Bang-into-Stellar-and-Biological-Evolution” model.

We use the acronym Bbisbe (pronounced Biz-Bee) to abbreviate the name of this cosmological model.

The Bbisbe model describes an unaccountably caused and spontaneous Big Bang event that self-organized itself into an orderly and expanding Universe.

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins protest the notion of an “Infinite Regress” in which someone argues for a beginning of the Universe that had to have an earlier beginning ad infinitum.

In order to have a starting point that does not need to regress to an earlier beginning, the Bbisbe model dead ends its thinking at the Big Bang. The spontaneous and unaccountable beginning of our physical Universe is intellectually sufficient for Bbisbeists.

In terms of the jump from the Big Bang into self-organizing into biological life, Richard Dawkins imagines the life-initiating device here on Earth as a simple “self-bootstrapping crane.” By analogy, Dawkins is referring to the giant construction cranes that build themselves. You can Google “crane building itself” to see how this ingenious construction technique is accomplished.

Dawkins theorizes that the Universe built itself from the ground up, from simplicity to complexity with no external inputs. As an Atheist, he does not need or want any type of God in the picture — particularly when he can explain Evolution to himself and his readers in what he considers to be purely scientific terms. However, Dawkins — and indeed all Atheists — must of necessity engage in making ultimate philosophical and epistemological statements even as they protest, as does Stephen Hawing, that philosophy is dead.


In Dawkins view, this all just happened by itself.

This is the essence of Atheism: No source or traceability for our Universe. Therefore, there is no source or traceability for the human Soul. It is all just magically self-organizing dirt. And yet Atheists scoff at Religion for claiming that which is miraculous!

In What Caused the Big Bang? we trace everything and everyone in our sub-infinite Universe back to Infinity.

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One Response to THE BBISBE MODEL

  1. Gregg Somers says:

    Magically self-organizing dirt is well stated. I believe Ben Stein referred to it as the “primordial pool of mud” where one day from inanimate materials, life just happened. Were we to take a look at the incredible feats of engineering necessary to sustain life at even a cellular level, we would be forced to conclude that like your self building crane, life didn’t just happen. Both were engineered to perform the way they did.

    Having eliminated Bbisbe as a possibility, one is left to ponder the possibilities. Looking forward to considering yours.

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